What's this all about?
This website contains the documentation of microsolidarity work in Pico Island, a first step towards growing a network of regenerative communities in the Azores.


The intention of this documentation is to work in public and document our progress as it happens. Hopefully it will help to clarify what's going on, inspire others and help us get meaningful feedback to improve our community work.


This documentation is maintained (with Love) by Michal Korzonek, and it's my personal perspective on what is happening in Pico, shaped through my community work in the island. With that in mind here's an important disclaimer:
This documentation is not the only perspective on what's happening in Pico, and I'm not perfect, nor am I trying to be.

Contact, Questions and Feedback

You can reach out to me anytime via twitter or email (michal @ If you have any questions or feeedback, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm very approachable.


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If this documentation was useful to you and/or your community, and you feel the call to support our work, consider making a donation via Buy Me A Coffee. Financial energy helps me dedicate more time to doing microsolidarity work and improving this documentation for the benefit of all beings.


All the content on this site is published with a CC-BY-SA license. So please use it however you like without asking permission: just give credit, and use the same license for derivative works.

Elders, Mentors and Sources of Inspiration πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

​Richard Bartlett & Microsolidarity β€” A plan for people supporting each other to do more meaningful work + a wonderful rabbit hole of amazing resources.
​Marc Winn & Dandelion Foundation β€” Unlocking island potential.
​Enspiral β€” More people working on stuff that matters.
​Francesca Pick β€”Β Exploring the future of organisations.
​Mars Robertson & BaseX Island β€” Regenerative research centre focusing on the post‑COVID New World Order economy. Tools for Regenerative Renaissance – a course focused on tools and techniques that can be used and enjoyed right now for healthier, happier lives, thriving local economies, a fairer distribution of power and resources, and the healing of the planet, desigend by Phoebe Tickell and Stephen Reid.
​Hundred Rabbits – experiments on resilience and self-reliance through low-tech solutions, with amazing documentation.
Eternal gratitude πŸ™Œ
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