Congregation Projects
Projects conceived within our congregation.
Ihis page lists projects catalysed from our congregation. There are many more things happening in Pico, you can see them in our Pico Projects Map.

Active Projects

Seeding Projects 🌱

Project ideas that are still baby seeds, but are receiving some energy.
  • VarietΓ© Nights (events, arts, parties)
  • Regenerative Smartvillage
  • Pico Farming Calendar
  • Pico Community App

Archive Projects

Other Projects In Pico

To learn about other projects happening in Pico, check out our Pico Projects Map ‡️
In this section you'll learn about projects within our congregation.
The whole process started with hosting a bi-weekly sharing circle, which lead to sprouting a few projects, and eventually, our first community gathering.
During our Autumn Gathering 2021, we played a game designed to catalyse more projects into existence, which will be reviewed during our next gathering planned for Spring 2022.
You can also see the Pico Projects Map for other projects in the island.
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