We are weaving a community in Pico Island by practicing microsolidarity.

This digital journal documents the process of community weaving in Pico Island, by practicing Microsolidarity.

Microsolidarity is a community building practice focused on creating structures for belonging and supporting people into meaningful work.

Belonging is a superpower: we’re more courageous & creative when we "find our people".

In Pico, a fortnightly sharing circle evolved into bi-annual Gatherings, from where numerous projects are constantly emerging. Some of them manifest life-long dreams of their co-creators, others fail due to conflict or lack of energy. That's okay - we are learning by doing.

Finding our people, a sense of belonging, and co-creating magic, comes along with practicing being together in groups of different sizes, regularly and intentionally.

Here's the story of making it happen in a tiny island, not too far from one of the hypothetical locations of the Atlantis.


Long Term Vision ✨

Our long term vision is to co-create Azores Regenerative Network, connecting regenerative projects, communities and practitioners in the archipelago. Plus a fleet of sailboats crossing in between the islands and the Mainland.


Open Source Documentation

The intention of this documentation is to learn by doing and work in public. We're documenting our progress as it happens, with the intention to clarify what is happening, inspire other community weavers, and attract meaningful feedback.

We also have an intention of creating a magnetic pull bringing more Microsolidarity practitioners into the archipelago.


This documentation is compiled by MichaΕ‚ Korzonek, a community weaver and catalyst. Important disclaimer: this is only my perspective on what is happening, and I'm not trying to be perfect.


You can contribute with your suggestions to this documentation by contacting me or suggesting an edit directly in github repository.

On a different note: community weaving and documenting is an important work, but it's tricky to get paid for it. If you'd like to contribute financially, you can:

  • make a small regular contribution via my Patreon page

  • contribute with cryptocurrency at michalroots.eth

  • hire me to work with your organisation. I create experiences and documentation


You can contact MichaΕ‚ via twitter or email: michalroots {at} protonmail.com

I always get back to kind humans ✨


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