Sharing Circle v4

The fourth round of our sharing circle, after an entire year of circling!


Bi-weekly sharing circle, every second Sunday, starting at 15:00.

During the retrospective of round 3, we decided to change the format of our sharing circle and make it more flexible and experimental.

From now on, every circle will be different, depending on what comes up in the moment, or in the week leading up to the circle. Anyone can suggest a meeting spot (doesn't need to be indoors), and an activity (eg. swimming, walking, visiting a cave, singing...). We won't have sharing as a "fixed" part of the structure (in fact, there is no structure), but there is an intention to keep the sharing component, so we'll allow it to emerge naturally.

The main intention is to keep connecting in a meaningful way through different types of activities.

Since this is a more experimental round, we'll shorten the cycle until the next retrospective, and review our progress on the 4th circle.

New People

There's one person who expressed interest in joining our sharing circle. We'll keep the doors open and allow new people to join organically whenever interest arises.


Circle 1: Short sharing circle + hike

Circle 2: Playing the Quiet Year, a collaborative map-making game about a community

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