Pico Network

Asynchronous channel for digital comms

Pico Network is a private and secure digital channel for asynchronous communication in our community.

The objective is to facilitate gift exchange, share resources, coordinate lifts, announce events, make decisions etc.

Pico Network was called during our Autumn Gathering, during the prototyping session of the Community Council.

At the moment Pico Network is in beta. Subscribe for updates.. If you'd like to join the beta testing team, reach out to MichaΕ‚ (community only).


Please read the following info before joining the network.

  1. Pico Network runs on Signal – a free, secure, open source app, operated by a non-profit organisation, making it a no-brainer app of choice. (Optional: read this guide for more info about security.)

  2. Please be mindful not to overload the channel. Reach out via private message whenever it makes sense, use emoji reactions rather directly on a message rather than sending a separate message etc.

  3. The objective of Pico Network Beta is to gather use cases for the network and build initial momentum. Whenever you have a real-life-use-case, please use the Network, even if it's functionality is limited due to the small number of people involved.

  4. After one month we'll review the functioning of the Network.

Possible Future

As the network grows there are two possible paths to consider:

  1. Opening up the network to the wider island community

  2. Keeping the network closed

It is likely that we might want to have both options simultaneously. There is also a possibility of moving towards multi-channel structure in the future, however for now it's more effective to keep it simple.


  • October 2021: Project called by Michal during Pico Autumn Gathering

  • January 2022: Request for beta tasters

  • January 2022: Pico Network Created and invites sent to Beta Testers

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