Pico Animal Sanctuary 🐱

Association dedicated to help animals in Pico Island.

Officially registered in November 2020, Associação Santuário Animal do Pico is the first project catalyzed by our congregation that came into fruition 🙌.

The association is doing a freaking amazing job. In fact, have a look at some of the "before / after" photos from the animals that were lucky enough to come into contact with this project:

If you'd like to support the association, consider becoming a member (€20 / year).

How it happened

Our sharing circle provided a space for the caller to keep bringing the idea up, which eventually lead to our community members applying gentle push to actually make this happen.

The momentum was gained once another member decided to help the caller – and the two begun the legal process. In the meantime another member of our community helped with conceptualizing operations of the association and setting up the digital stack (website / payments etc.)

Update [28 Jan 2020]: MVP version of the website is shipped! Check it out here.

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