Pico Gathering Fire Starter
Playbook for creating a community Gathering in Pico
I'm creating this live as we create our Pico Autumn Gathering.
This is an internal resource or our congregation, intended to help kick-start the process of our future gatherings by compiling the necessary areas to consider.
Note: this is more of a rough guideline, rather than something to stick to religiously.
You can find the notes from our Previous Gatherings here:

Hosting Team

Core Hosting Team

Key team of the Gathering consists of four people, each with their own area of responsibility: program, food, site. The team also includes the Joker πŸƒ – a person who might not have the confidence to take a role in the core costing team, but is keen on learning the ropes.
Ideally, the team should include 2 people with previous hosting expertise and 2 new people. In order to ensure long-lasting Gatherings, we need to build up a pool of hosts, and there's no other way to learn than by doing.

Hosting Team

People involved in creating the Gathering before and/or during the Gathering, usually coordinated by one of the Core Hosts.


People helping out during the Gathering


Note that the steps don't need to happen in that order.
    Start moving the energy –> send a message to the participants of the past Gathering, with a request for people to step into the Core Hosting Team
    The Core Hosting Team forms
    Location Scouting
    Core Hosting Team Kick-off Meeting –> decide: location, date, theme, areas of responsibility (program, food, site, joker), vibe, guidelines, initial guest list
    Send a message to the participants of the past Gathering to save the date
    Craft invitation and send to final guest lists when ready

Invitation Checklist

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