Our Stories

This page compiles the stories from the growth of our congregation.

Michal's Microsolidarity Journey

A personal journey from the person behind this documentation.

Pico Island Congregation - 1st Summer Gathering - June 2021

Silvia Bastos, Michal Korzonek & Richard D. Bartlett have a "debrief" conversation after the first Summer Gathering of their microsolidarity community in Pico Island, off the coast of Portugal.

Podcast version available here.

Microsolidarity Experiments: Pico Islands & Building Belonging

A conversation between Brandon DubΓ© (Building Belonging) & Michal Korzonek (Pico Island)

How to Start a Sharing Circle With Your Loved Ones (and Why You Should)

An article from Silvia Bastos about our the origins of our sharing circle.

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