Sharing Circle v2

The second round of our sharing circle

This is the second round of the circle. For the current format click here.


Bi-weekly sharing circle, every second Sunday, starting at 14:00. We allow a 10 min waiting time if necessary. If someone is late beyond 10 minutes they are asked to enter the circle quietly without disturbing the flow. The topic (sharing prompt) and location changes every time.

Here's how the circle looks like:

  1. Check-In Round – Everyone shares how they are feeling right now. If someone feels they need extended support from the group, they can ask to be the "circlee" and the group then focuses on helping/supporting them during the sharing round.

  2. Sharing Round – Popcorn style (no order) sharing on the topic of the circle. People can choose to listen only and not share.

  3. Check-Out Round – Everyone shares how they are feeling right now.

  4. Next Circle – Deciding on the location host (who hosts the event) and the circle host (who suggest the topic) for the next circle. Location host and circle host can, but don't have to be the same person.

  5. Announcements – Open space to share any announcements, requests for help, ideas for projects etc.

  6. Optional Connection Activities – Optional hang-out time with possible connecting activities (eg. Authentic Relating games, cooking, art, etc.).

Bringing New People

The circle is open for new people.

Any current participant can suggest bringing a new person for the next circle during the Next Circle discussion. We're aiming to bring no more than 1-2 new people per circle.


  • Home - what it means to you, where and how you find it and how do you create home

  • How do you feel about all that is going on at a global and local scale (political, pandemic, nature, energy, nutrition, etc...). Are you currently doing something about any of this topics, if so, what and what are your next seps? What can we do about this scenario on a local scale that really has an impact on locals life's and the nature around us? [Silvia's reflection]

  • Spirituality – do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does spirituality mean to you?

  • How do you maintain balance between your strengths and weaknesses? How do you see this balance within the world?

  • Inner Peace – what does it mean to you and how can we boost it in our daily lives?

  • Retrospective and next steps for our community


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