Winter Gathering 2020 💙

Coming together for the first gathering, spread over a few days.

Since most of us were staying in the island, we decided to have a Winter Gathering spread over a few days during the Christmas / New Year period.

We started with brainstorming a few ideas during the announcements section of our sharing circle and agreed on the initial plan, which then evolved organically in the run up to the gathering.

Winter Solstice

Celebration of entering the Age of the Aquarius.

Christmas Day

Delicious food, improv theatre games, live music and "Secret Santa" with hand-made gifts.

Note: we played Secret Santa with a broader community in the island, which was a great way to bring more people in and build connections outside of the circle and spend some quality time as a community.

Hike in Nature

Exploring one of the numerous trails in Pico.

Full Moon Fire

Every Full Moon is a great opportunity to have a fire and play some music.

New Years Eve Party

Dinner and a proper dance party. Here's our (very eclectic) playlist.

Community Meeting: Retrospective + Next Steps

Reflecting on the circle and planning our next steps as a community.

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