Pico Coop

A movement for regenerating the island.

Pico Coop is one of the projects called during our 2021 Autumn Gathering, with the objective of having at least one of them successfully launched by the next gathering in Spring 2022.

This project is in the stage of clarifying the dream and the documentation is super rough. Subscribe for updates.

Next Step: Clarify the vision.

Dreams, Notes, Ideas...

  • Grow the regenerative movement in Pico. Unite people committed to creating beautiful projects in the island and make it easy (and fun) for them to do the work.

  • Support local economy, especially food producers and artists.

  • Incentivise farmers to shift towards regenerative practices.

  • Offer local and aligned products, services, and events.

  • Create a clear, recognisable and trusted brand standing for causes important to well-being of the island.

  • Attract people with a super cool vibe

  • Redistribute profits within the island community.

  • Unlock resources from web3 / regenerative movements to fuel our work in the island.

  • Prototype. Document the process. Share.

  • Create events and spaces bringing local people together, both foreigners and natives.

  • Mitigate influences of hyper-capitalism, cultivate traditional community values (which are still very present in Pico culture)

  • Increase self-reliance of the Pico population (most jobs depend on tourism and EU grants for cows)

  • Co-living, co-working & maker spaces

  • Pillars: Food, health, art, education

  • Local currency


You walk into a bar and get to choose between two beers. The brewery that produces one of them plants a tree for each beer sold in the bar. For most people, it's a no-brainer to pick the tree-planting beer.

What's the equivalent cause benefiting the island, that would be a no-brainer incentive for native locals to choose products, services and events from our coop?


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