Sharing Circle v1

The first round of the sharing circle.

This is the first round of the circle. For the current format click here.

The circle started with 10 of us and fluctuates around that number. We’re bringing more people in organically. For now we don’t have any process for joining / leaving the group–we’ll play it by ear and adapt as needed. We’re still small enough to do that.

We agreed to change the location for each circle, and the host will decide upon the intention / topic of the circle and share it with the group beforehand.

We decided to have 5 circles (including the very first one when we decided to start circling) followed by a retrospective where we reviewed our experience and reflected on the next steps for the community.


Bi-weekly sharing circle, every second Sunday, starting at 14:00.

  1. Check In Round β€” everyone shares how they are feeling right now

  2. Sharing Round β€” Popcorn style (no order) sharing on the topic of the circle. People can choose to listen only and not share

  3. Check Out Round β€” everyone shares how they are feeling right now

  4. Open Discussion β€” space for tackling any extra topic, mostly technical details related to the next circle.


  • New Beginnings

  • What do you want to attract / bring more to your life

  • Getting to know your Inner Self: Who are you deep down? What lessons did you learn from that inner voice? How are you being true to yourself?

  • What would you like to share with us?

  • Your deepest fears

  • Retrospective

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