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Evolving Experiences ✨

Bringing more variety into cultural scene of Pico.
A multidisciplinary crew aiming at bringing more variety into cultural scene of Pico, by creating experiences that touch people.
The idea was seeded during Pico Summer Gathering. Evolving Experiences is a working name for now.


(what we're focusing on right now)
  • Exploring possibilities of managing funds without administrative hassle (looking into Open Collective as a possibility)
  • Exploring a possibility of starting a cooperative


  • Slam Jam, July 2021
  • Masking Around, September 2021
  • Pico Autumn Gathering, September 2021 (co-created with the community)
  • The Community Council Game & Jam Session, December 2021
Below are the notes from our first meeting.


  • Create events / experiences with a purpose deeper than just hanging out.
  • Use art as a "magnet" to bring awareness to important issues we're passionate about.
  • Create memorable spaces (locations), which play an active role in co-creating experiences.
  • Experiment with new, unexpected experience formats, create something people haven't seen before, keep evolving.
  • Experiment with new ways of relating to each other.
  • Include reflective spaces during experiences, to process, discuss and integrate the experience and its topic (equivalent to Shavasana in Yoga).
  • Gradually improve The Globe, as we keep using that space for hosting various events.
  • Use nature to set up temporary spaces for experiences.
  • Explore possibilities of bringing income to fund our activities, and potentially make it a part-time(?) job for (some?) crew members.


  • Keep the work as flexible as possible.
  • Little meetings, more async work.
  • Show up on the day and set it up.
  • Evenings are usually the best times for all of us to be present.


(Work in progress)

Topics / Issues

  • Animals
  • Rising consciousness
  • Community life
  • Covid (particularly interesting if we bring people with fundamentally different opinions)
  • Making Pico the best place to live on Earth


  • Audio-visual theatre
  • Mute event
  • Walking disco
  • Play reading
  • Varieté
  • Music improvised to movement (rather that the other way around)
  • Dance Party (with a bar vibe)
  • Improv
  • Films / Projections
  • Art exhibition
  • Festival (multiday event)
  • Costume party


  • Explore Open Collective as a way to manage funds with very little admin work. If not possible, then perhaps start an association (or other legal structure).
  • Host a fundraising event
  • Sell artwork (auction?)
  • Host special experiences (eg. birthdays, weddings) as a service
  • Find patrons of the arts excited about supporting our work financially


  • Have two spaces during events (eg. main space + fire) to allow people to move freely and choose the energy they need.
  • Experiment with no alcohol / no drugs / no food during experiences. Make a clear and explicit invitation. Make space for events with substances, as both can co-exist peacefully.
  • Separate our experiences from the regular Jam Sessions (even if the hosting team might be partially the same).


  • The Globe
  • Nature (eg. caves, dry rivers, forest, beach...)


Annia: event planning, organising, hosting, acting Austeja: space design, idea generation, performance, Jess: space design, space setup, tech, music Michal: big picture, directing, hosting, performance, documenting

Next Steps

Anyone from the team to put an event proposal to the crew.