Community Action
This project is currently inactive.
A small group focused on exploring actions we could take as a community that would have positive impact on the island.

Guiding questions

    What is the tiniest thing that we could implement immediately as a community that would have positive impact on the island?
    What community action that is realistic for us would have the biggest positive impact on the island?
We're currently exploring various possibilities around areas of education, waste, and starting a co-operative/

Next steps

    Visit local waste-processing plant
    Visit tree nursery in Santa Lucia
    Consider creating an idea brainstorming board (eg. in Trello)


This is an unorganised selection of thoughts that came up during our conversations.
    Garbage / Plastic
    Water supply
    Native plants and trees
    Hemp farm
    Use of wasted fruits and veg (eg. oranges)
    Alternative incomes for cow farmers
    Individual / group projects shared with schools
    Cultivation areas in schools
    Get municipalities to stop using roundup to kill weeds on public roads
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