Evolving Experiences ✨
Bringing more variety into cultural scene of Pico.
A multidisciplinary crew aiming at bringing more variety into cultural scene of Pico, by creating experiences that touch people.
The idea was seeded during Pico Summer Gathering. Evolving Experiences is a working name for now.


(what we're focusing on right now)


    Slam Jam, July 2021
    Masking Around, September 2021
Below are the notes from our first meeting.


    Create events / experiences with a purpose deeper than just hanging out.
    Use art as a "magnet" to bring awareness to important issues we're passionate about.
    Create memorable spaces (locations), which play an active role in co-creating experiences.
    Experiment with new, unexpected experience formats, create something people haven't seen before, keep evolving.
    Experiment with new ways of relating to each other.
    Include reflective spaces during experiences, to process, discuss and integrate the experience and its topic (equivalent to Shavasana in Yoga).
    Gradually improve The Globe, as we keep using that space for hosting various events.
    Use nature to set up temporary spaces for experiences.
    Explore possibilities of bringing income to fund our activities, and potentially make it a part-time(?) job for (some?) crew members.


    Keep the work as flexible as possible.
    Little meetings, more async work.
    Show up on the day and set it up.
    Evenings are usually the best times for all of us to be present.


(Work in progress)

Topics / Issues

    Rising consciousness
    Community life
    Covid (particularly interesting if we bring people with fundamentaly different opinions)
    Making Pico the best place to live on Earth


    Audio-visual theatre
    Mute event
    Walking disco
    Play reading
    Music improvised to movement (rather that the other way around)
    Dance Party (with a bar vibe)
    Films / Projections
    Art exhibition
    Festival (multiday event)
    Costume party


    Explore Open Collective as a way to manage funds with very little admin work. If not possible, then perhaps start an association (or other legal structure).
    Host a fundraising event
    Sell artwork (auction?)
    Host special experiences (eg. birthdays, weddings) as a service
    Find patrons of the arts excited about supporting our work financially


    Have two spaces during events (eg. main space + fire) to allow people to move freely and choose the energy they need.
    Experiment with no alcohol / no drugs / no food during experiences. Make a clear and explicit invitation. Make space for events with substances, as both can co-exist peacefully.
    Separate our experiences from the regular Jam Sessions (even if the hosting team might be partially the same).


    The Globe
    Nature (eg. caves, dry rivers, forest, beach...)


Annia: event planning, organising, hosting, acting Austeja: space design, idea generation, performance, Jess: space design, space setup, tech, music Michal: big picture, directing, hosting, performance, documenting

Next Steps

Anyone from the team to put an event proposal to the crew.
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